The HDB2540DT 4-Channel HD Digital Encoder/Modulator from ZeeVee converts 4 Component or VGA sources into cable channels and broadcasts them over existing coax cabling to an unlimited number of tuner-equipped displays. The video is encoded into MPEG-2 and audio into AC-3. VGA input supports a wide range of resolutions from 640 x 480 to 1440 x 900. It comes with an included crossover cable which can only be used with DirecTV H25 receivers.

Superior Video Quality

        Full MPEG2 implementation
        I, P, and B Frames
        Low latency
        Full motion estimation with a wide search range

Ease of Management

        Powerful, highly intuitive web interface
        On-site or remote management
        Web accessible instrumentation and management
        Single session configures and manages all connected units
        Front Panel Display for on-site status and management at a glance

High Reliability

        Low-stress power system
        Full system instrumentation and monitoring
        Official international regulatory approval
        Forced air cooling for effective thermal control

Extensible Architecture

        Easy downloadable firmware updates
        Future enhancements provided regularly
        Emergency Alert System (EAS)
        Bonus information channel for use with small video loops

General Features
        Analog and digital audio which is internally encoded and broadcast as AC-3 or MPEG-1 Layer 2
        Integrated Closed Caption support which is required for ADA compliance in many applications
        Made in USA

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ZeeVee HDB2540DT 4-Channel HD Digital Encoder Modulator

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